With quality installation and service for manufacturers and providers of telecommunications equipment and services, we enable their long-term and trouble-free functionality, thus contributing to the creation of technical stability and the good name of our customers on the market.
Construction of 5G and LTE networks

Construction of 5G and LTE networks

Our company implements turnkey construction of modern telecommunications networks 5G / LTE from acquisition activities, through the construction and installation of technology, including antenna systems to the configuration, integration and service of these networks. We work with technologies from all leading manufacturers. As part of the construction of 5G / LTE, we also install wireless and optical transmission technologies and backbone data networks. We provide certified measurements and tests for all elements of the telecommunication network. We carry out the construction of all parts of the telecommunications network throughout the European Union and beyond.
Design of telecommunication solutions

Design of telecommunication solutions

We provide consulting services in the field of technological know-how and project management. We organize professional training and workshops throughout Europe in the field of operation and configuration of telecommunications hardware and software. We provide advice on setting up work processes, their constant analysis and ongoing optimization, as well as the optimal setting of human and material resources. We have our own professional certified instructors and renowned consultants. We help our customers achieve their products effectively and strengthen their name in the market.
Network modernization

Network modernization

We modernize telecommunications networks by replacing old technology with the latest 5G / LTE technology, including transmission networks. We perform these exchanges under the strictest conditions on a "live" network with minimal impact on end customers. Thanks to extensive experience with the modernization of networks across Europe, we participate in the creation of processes and local installation standards. In addition to the technology exchange itself, we also create the necessary databases and configurations as well as technical support and coordination of all processes from the control center.
Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure

We design and implement data and electrical networks, optical switchboards, structured distribution, cable bridges, including local IP end solutions, test labs, server rooms and data centers. In addition to all our services, we also provide design and acquisition activities.

Member Of Suntel Group

Backbone has been part of the international Suntel Group since 2019, also operating in Austria, Switzerland and Slovakia.
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Data technologies are pushing the boundaries of possibilities and we see them as the future.

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