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Quality, integration and measurement

A number of entities are involved in the construction and modernization of the telecommunications network, each of which is responsible for a certain area of activity. The supplier installation company is usually perceived as a body, the most important part of which are dexterous and strong hands. Its main task is to move in and install the technology using climbing and handling equipment on towers, chimneys or roofs.

Backbone Academy

Telecommunications is a technically very specific field, which is demanding not only in terms of highly specialized knowledge, but mainly due to the need for their constant expansion and updating due to ever-improving technologies and their development.

Health And Safety At Work

Tasks related to telecommunications construction always tend to carry a great amount of accident risk. Therefore, work safety plays a key and critical role in the construction of telecommunications networks.

Logistics, transport

Logistics and transport of technology to the place of installation are essential for successful and fast telecommunication installations. An ideal location for such an installation would be a warm and dry place right next to the road, or an easily accessible building with goods lifts.

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