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Sbírka pro ŽIVOT DĚTEM 2013


Our company has decided to organize a collection among the staff. The Staff chosen amazing 49.200,- This sum has our company doubled in to 100.000,- and passed at the Municipal House in Prague in a live TV broadcast. The company want to say THANK YOU for alle employees for the help und we hope this money realy help there where is it necessarily.

BACKBONE in Denmark

BACKBONE has won the tender for the 2G/3G/LTE project coordination in Denmark. Extends its activities to other European market. Let's do it :-)

SWAP for Deutsche Telekom is done.

In September, we completed a swap project in Germany in the network of Deutsche Telekom. We have swapped nearly 2,000 transmitters in two years in the Berlin region.

Modernization of the German Vodafone

Modernization of the German Vodafone network is fully opened up. Our company has a dominant share in the Berlin region. This is a 2G/3G swap macro and single RAN as well.

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