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SWAP for Deutsche Telekom is done.

In September, we completed a swap project in Germany in the network of Deutsche Telekom. We have swapped nearly 2,000 transmitters in two years in the Berlin region.

Modernization of the German Vodafone

Modernization of the German Vodafone network is fully opened up. Our company has a dominant share in the Berlin region. This is a 2G/3G swap macro and single RAN as well.

Jan PIŤHA - Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012

Jan Piťha / BACKBONE s.r.o. has been nominated for the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 by Raiffeisen Bank. The competition is organized by Ernst & Young, very prestigious worldwide agency. Even if we haven't won the competition, we are very satisfied that we and our work belong to the most significant Czech businessmen. This face to face meeting was very inspiring and gives us great sense and energy to continue with our work as well as create new jobs, products and values.